Teaching In Mother Tongue


Our data have revealed that mother tongue is an inseparable part of language teaching, and it actually has different functions like “rapport building purposes”,

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The intention of this study was to investigate the Instructional methods that teachers use in teaching Mother tongue in the Lower Primary classes in Emuhaya.

An Urdu teacher from America is encouraging Asian parents in Northamptonshire to teach their children their mother tongue. Shahid Khan is founder of the organisation BRICK, which stands for Brooklyn Rebuild Immigrant Communities and Knowledge. He has been.

The Ministry of Education will expand teaching using vernacular to improve literacy. Government introduced the use of mother tongue as medium of instruction in primary schools in 2007, during the introduction of the thematic curriculum.

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English was the language in which I felt foreign, in which I didn’t fit in," the author of Every Word is a Bird We Teach to Sing tells The Current’s Anna Maria Tremonti. "And so numbers in a way were my mother tongue. They were the language.

"I don’t want to forget my mother tongue. Besides, China is developing fast and I would. Her parents, not wanting her to forget about her culture, entered her into a school that teaches lessons in Chinese, much like in China. In schools such as the.

In many countries when students come to school their mother tongue has already been established and teaching in this case may involve learning to read and.

Mother Tongue Language is your strength. Help make it theirs. Despite living in a highly globalised world, it is important to never forget one’s cultural roots.

Children learn better in their mother tongue. UNESCO has encouraged mother tongue instruction in primary education since 1953 (UNESCO, 1953) and UNESCO highlights the advantages of mother tongue education right from the start: children are more likely to enroll and succeed in school (Kosonen, 2005); parents are more likely.

Kenya has legislated a Language in Education (LiE) policy to use mother tongue in lower primary classes (class 1-3), yet the pupils in Tabaka Division of Kenya continue to perform poorly in national examinations. The purpose of this study was to investigate factors affecting teaching and learning in mother tongue in lower public primary.

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The Mother Tongue Education (MTE) project seeks to increase meaningful access to. LABE developed mother tongue teacher handbooks for use in both.

Peter Liang criticizes HK parents for believing an English education is essential for their children’ success, arguing that a good family environment is far more important In a TV talk show last week, potential candidates for the hotly contested six seats.

Apr 12, 2017. In Swedish schools, children with at least one parent who has a mother tongue other than Swedish and speaks this language at home, have.

Apr 23, 2017. David Harrison. Many parents find the debates about mother tongue instruction confusing. All they want to know is, “what is best for my child”?

Feb 27, 2017. There is ample evidence about the value of mother-tongue-based. being used in teaching and learning during the early primary school years.

“We as Indians always want to speak in English whether we understand it or not. I am not against English, but one learns better when taught in the mother tongue. We teach our children to say mummy. Why can’t we tell them to say ‘amma’,

Staff of the Bureau bemoaned the lack of resources to promote the writing of more teaching and learning materials to enhance the study of Ghanaian languages. They cited the’ silent passing ‘of the 21st February celebration of the ‘Mother tongue day.

If the pupil's mother tongue is not Finnish, Swedish or Sami, he/she studies. and education » Comprehensive education » What and how do schools teach?

Pinnock advocates teaching predominantly in the mother-tongue for at least six. Without skills in the mother-tongue, schooling in a foreign tongue is nearly an.

Mother-tongue education in Hong Kong is the act of teaching in the native language of the pupils in a certain area of country, as opposed to teaching in a foreign.

SINGAPORE – Hiring locals to teach mother tongue languages in pre-schools remains a challenge, even as parents show more interest in wanting their children to be bilingual. Locals currently make up six in 10 of mother tongue language.

They must be assisted to manage the exit from African mother-tongue instruction to English and the problems that accompany the process. They need to know the structural differences between the African languages they are teaching.

Language Teaching Strategies and Techniques Used to Support Students Learning in a Language other than Their Mother Tounge.

40 Mauro Dujmović: The Ways of Using Mother Tongue in English Language Teaching also you will find that they will make the same pronunciation errors and struggle with the same grammar

Dec 3, 2012. Over two‐thirds of countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe have developed policies on the use of the mother tongue for teaching science in the.

Children learn better in their mother tongue. UNESCO has encouraged mother tongue instruction in primary education since 1953 (UNESCO, 1953) and UNESCO highlights the advantages of mother tongue education right from the start: children are more likely to enroll and succeed in school (Kosonen, 2005); parents are more likely.

. Innovative Teaching and Learning of Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) 2018. Innovation: Revisioning Mother Tongue Languages Education in Singapore”.

Children learn better in their mother tongue. UNESCO has encouraged mother tongue instruction in primary education since 1953 (UNESCO, 1953) and UNESCO highlights the advantages of mother tongue education right from the start: children are more likely to enroll and succeed in school (Kosonen, 2005); parents are more likely.

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This article focuses on the students’ use of the mother tongue as well as the teachers’ use of the mother tongue during the English classes. A number of dimensions are addressed: students’ perspective on mother tongue use, teachers’ perspective on mother tongue use, strategies for encouraging use of the target language and relevant implications for teaching.

Although de jure Malay is the national language, Singapore English is regarded de facto as the main language in Singapore, and is officially the main language of instruction in all school subjects except for Mother Tongue lessons in Singapore’s education system.

1. Introduction. In their introductory chapter to Teaching the Mother Tongue in a Multilingual Europe, Tulasiewicz &. Adams (1998:3) sigh that they have been.

A teacher can teach English to student in the same way they teach a Mother Tongue. A child is an empty cassette, whatever you teach him he will learn the same. Whatever the surroundings has, he will grasp it accordingly.

Sep 5, 2016. Language can be your most powerful ally in your arsenal, or enemy; for centuries it has been used to divide and unify a nation. Taking a closer.

Cape Town – Seventy-Eight percent of Grade 4 pupils in South Africa struggle to read with understanding in their mother tongue. Whether this is due to. said there.

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positive and confident in teaching the mother tongue when they had the opportunity to: 1) spend time learning about their own language, 2) create mother tongue teaching and learning materials, and 3) reflect on their early learning experiences and experience what it.

Teaching in the mother tongue Educators are trying to make learning more effective and friendly for ethnic Malays in the South by using their first language as a.

The children have already benefited from thousands of hours of contact with their mother tongue. In the case of a foreign language however, the starting point may be zero, and a limited amount of time may be available in school for foreign language instruction. In this case a careful structured and gradual introduction to the foreign language.

My parents were told if they wanted me to speak they should choose one.

Rabindranath Tagore and Gandhi were of the view that schooling should be in the mother tongue. Tagore in particular felt that. I urge you to request the Bihar government for English teaching from Class 1, as without it students have to face a lot.

CONTENTS Page 36 37 Topic 2 – Shared Reading 38 39 Topic 4 – Language Experience Approach 41 Topic 5 – Independent Reading 46 47 Topic 7 – Supporting the Use of the Mother Tongue 48

The 2004-2006 study also showed how adequate teaching and learning resources can be enhanced by including local stakeholders. These individuals or organisations can bring valuable local knowledge. Crucially, mother-tongue-based multilingual education.

Did you know? UNESCO has encouraged mother tongue instruction in primary education since 1953. It also highlights the advantages of mother tongue.

A STUDY IN THE TEACHING OF A MOTHER-TONGUE'. C. W. PARK. University of Cincinnati. During the past few years, the most conspicuous discussions of.

most of them manual workers who hardly have time to teach Vietnamese to their own children, the Vietnamese women’s club chairwoman Trần Thị Chang said. “The preservation of the mother tongue in the Vietnamese community in.

Highlights 1. Mother-tongue is the language that the child learns in his/her mother’s lap. 2. The mother-tongue is important for the following reasons.

Half a day after the first part of this series, "Cantonese is not the mother tongue of Hong Kongers" (5/4/18), was posted, someone unhelpfully and snarkily asked, "…but are we sure he used the English word ‘dialect’?" That’s not the point. For the record, here is how the matter of "Cantonese.

Calling: Essays on Teaching in the Mother Tongue [Gail B. Griffin] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 1992 TRILOGY BOOKS SOFTCOVER.